Year 4 to Year 6 Girls Competition

West Perth District is proud to announce our new exciting Under 12’s Girls competition for season 2016.
This competition is for girls from ages 9 – 12 of all abilities and experience. All players will receive coaching & skill development from a qualified coach. All participants will take part in a 6 week competition.
This is a fantastic opportunity whether you are new to football, currently play in the mix competition or are currently involved in another sport and would like to give AFL a try.

The six week competition will consist of skill based training and include a game throughout each 90 minute session. All training sessions and games will be held at HBF Arena, home of the West Perth Falcons and Joondalup Youth & Women’s football teams.
Start Date: 27th May
Finish Date: 1st July
Day: Friday
Where: HBF Arena, Joondalup
Duration: 6 weeks
Session Time: 90 minutes
Start Time: 4:30pm First Games (TBC due to numbers)
Format: Same Day Training/ Game Round Robin

If you are interested in participating and would like to know more please contact Jason Nelson 0409373136 or email me