KidSport allows eligible children aged 5-18 years to participate in community sport and recreation, no matter their financial circumstances, by applying for financial assistance to contribute towards club fees. All fees go directly to the registered KidSport clubs participating in the project through their participating local government.

KidSport Grants must applied for online at the following webpage.

You can apply for KidSport online or by using a hard copy application form.

KidSport applications are assessed by the local government in which the child resides or by the KidSport team at the department. If an application is approved, the KidSport team will email you a voucher code (unique to the child). The code needs to be provided to the club when registering so that the approved amount can be deducted from the registration or membership fees.

You will require your Health Care card or Pensioner Concession Card to apply. Full Details can be found on the Website. Please note the voucher is for $150. A gap payment maybe required depending on your childs age group. A voucher number will be sent o you via email. You will need this voucher to register your child online at our club.

All voucher codes will expire in 90 days.

Note***You Must Select Brighton Seahawks JFC as the beneficiary or we will be unable to claim on your behalf***